How it works

Email lists are known to be the best way to interact with your customers, users, or followers. To increase engagement, we wanted to let users vote on visual changes we were making to our website. Poll.express lets you create a simple poll with a visual question and link-based, text-only answers. Copy and paste the poll into your newsletters directly, or simply include a link. Send your newsletter and see what your subscribers think!

  • Create a poll

    Use this form to create a poll.

    You can include markdown to include html in your question, including images, fancy formatting, whatever you'd like.

  • Check your email

    Poll.express will send you an email with links to view and edit your poll.

    Hold onto this email! You'll need the links in it to manage your poll.

  • Add your poll to your newsletter

    Poll.express presents you with your poll in a number of formats.

    Use the generated HTML if you are building your newsletter in a rich editor, like Mailchimp. Otherwise, use the plain text versions.

    Then click send!

  • View your results

    Once people start voting, you can view the results using the edit link in the email sent to you.